Quality control

Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing develops safe products through multi-faceted analyses and testing.

01. Safety evaluation

Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing has been developing safe products by analyzing and examining the stimulation of cosmetic materials and products to human body in various aspects. In addition, we have secured safety in cooperation with the dermatology departments of leading hospitals in Korea.

* Examination items: Cytotoxicity, Patch test, Skin irritability test, etc.

02. Instrumental analysis

Various components of cosmetics are analyzed by high-tech analysis equipment purpose to develop highly safe cosmetics through qualitative and quantitative analysis of functional components and antiseptics and especially harmful materials. In addition, we are cooperating with outside organizations to secure safety.

* Instruments in possession: HPLC, GC, IR, ICP, UV Spectrophotometer, etc.

03. Effectiveness evaluation

We are conducting both in vitro and in vivo experiments to provide consumers with differentiated new materials and products. Newly developed materials are finally evaluated in conjunction with external clinical institutions for effective evaluations.

* Effectiveness evaluation items: Anti-aging, Whitening, SPF, Firming, Sebum, Moisturizing, Infrared Thermography Imaging analysis, etc.

04. Microorganism examination

We are conducting microorganism examination from development stage to final stage in order to provide consumers with safe products free from contamination.

* Examination items: Preservative activity, Microbial contamination, Identification microorganisms, Antimicrobial activity, etc.