Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing provides an optimized, integrated solution.

57 Years of Experience

Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing maintains a level of expertise acquired over 56 years of history and tradition in brand development, production and distribution, ultimately serving as the grounds for offering you an optimized solution.

Fledgling business / close consulting for enterprises of all scales

Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing's Beauty Full Solution provides an array of customized consulting for businesses and brands grounded upon years of vast experience. The consulting organization caters to each project, providing intimate services for fledgling businesses no matter the scale of the enterprise.

Experience in planning and brands acquired through various projects

Regardless of which stage of product and brand development you are in, Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing's experience in stable planning and branding will provide you with the most optimized solution. From expertise ranging from market research to distribution insight, you will receive an accurate prescription regarding every aspect of your brand and product.

Experience in design and production developing several successful products

Over the last 56 years, Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing has acquired experience regarding design and production an array of different products. Cushions, sunstick concealers and other pioneering products, in particular, accurately reflect fostered expertise and know-how.