SINCE 1962

Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing is taking the fist step towards beauty.

Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is creating the beauty of Korea!

To keep a promise with customers to fulfill their beauty and healthy life, Hankook Cosmetic Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been walking for half a century since 1962 together.
With unchanged belief, we will add substantial competitiveness to your brand with OEM, ODM, and customized total consulting.



March, 1962

Major business

R&D and production of cosmetics

Major items

Skin care/Make-up/Functional cosmetics/Body, perfume and hair products, etc.


35, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Seorin Bldg.), (03188)


Tel. 02 - 724 - 3700
Fax. 02- 724 - 3715



A half century of devotion to cosmeticsand passion in research

Hankook Cosmetics manufacturing will be your best partner to create global success with passion driven innovative technology, perfect products, consulting and planning beyond consumer expectations.


Technology Development Research Institute

Technology Development Research Institute - Address, Contact, Passenger vehicle, Public transportation


35, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Seorin Bldg.), (03188)


Headquarters : 02-724-3700 / Fax : 02-724-3715
Technology Development Institute : 02-6360-0603 / FAX : 02-6360-0683

Passenger vehicle

Go straight toward Cheonggyecheon Stream for 100m from the Jong 1-ga Intersection → Proceed toward Cheonggyecheon-ro from the Gwanggyo Intersection and turn right toward Cheonggye Plaza (Saejong-daero) and continue for 120m

Public transportation

Go for approximately 57m on Ujeongguk-ro from Jonggak Station, exit 5, toward Cheonggyecheon Stream → Proceed for approximately 115m turning right from the Gwanggyo Intersection

Eumseong Factory

Eumseong Factory - Address, Contact, Passenger vehicle, Public transportation


74, Daeseong-ro 547 Beon-gil, Samseong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do (76-1, Yongseong-ri)


Tel : 043-879-7500 / Fax : 043-879-7501

Passenger vehicle

Turn left toward Eumseong at the Jungbu Expressway Eumseong Tollgate → Proceed for 300-400m and turn left immediately after passing the Jungbu Expressway overpass → Continue for approximately 5km (factory is on the left)

Public transportation

Use expressway bus heading toward Eumseong's Daeso Terminal or Samsung Terminal → Get off at either terminal stop and proceed by taxi ( * When coming from Seoul, please use the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.)