Technology R&D institute introduction

Introducing Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing's Research Institute of Technology Development.

We are making tomorrow's issues by thinking ahead and creating endlessly.

HCM has made efforts to produce best suited cosmetics for Koreans' skin since its foundation in 1962.

HCM has been flourishing with high-tech skin science by producing Hydrophilic, Subacid, Bio and Liposome Cosmetics as well as cosmetics with Tissue-cultured Wild Mountain Ginseng Adventitious Roots Extract.


  • Quality control through thorough management

    Quality control through thorough management The quality-control system based research center sustains the best quality-first practices of Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing.

  • Top-notch quality recognized through various awards

    Research grounded in a half-century's worth of experiences and the fusion of state-of-the-art technology, including BT and NT, have been able to produce a maximum product quality, resulting lengthy records of award achievements.

  • R&D expertise founded in rigorous academic research

    Through series of academic research activities provides cosmetic association and participation in competitions involving top global cosmetic brands, Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing was able to obtain information to predict upcoming trends to catalyze the research development of state-of-the-art new materials and textures.

  • A leader satisfying client needs

    Utilizing the analysis results of both domestic global market and customer needs based on the current R&D community, enable to grasp the cosmetic market development trends to further the planning and development of market-leading, pioneered concepts of cosmetics.

  • Established active industry-academic network

    Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing devoted itself to development of specializing in technology that was both creative and differentiated from new concept of cosmetic ingredient development using rare Plat life which is difficult to commercialize.